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Jeep Wrangler

Starting at $79.99/Day

  • Hard Top
  • 4 Doors

Jeep Wrangler

Starting at $79.99/Day

  • Soft Top
  • 2 Doors

Ford Mustang or Similar

Starting at $79.99/Day

  • Convertible

Nissan Versa or Similar

  • Starting at $39.99/Day*
  • (*) Based on 3 day rental minimum

Hyundai Sonata or Similar

  • Starting at $59.99/Day
  • Starting at $229.99/Week

Dodge Caravan or Similar

  • Starting at $79.99/Day
  • Starting at $450.99/Week

Flexible Rate

Our discount car rentals offer clients some of the best and flexible rates that you’ll find anywhere.

Free Airport Shuttle

Our shuttles are timely and quick. After a long flight, you can sit back and look out the window at Hawaii’s beautiful scenery. Let someone else do the driving!

Range of Options

Our rates vary depending on the vehicle that you’re looking for, as well as for the duration of your rental.